Funnel OUT?!

funnel out

What are you doing with your current clients to build Funnel OUT?! Have you considered it’s so much easier to build on your current client base than it is to grow and convert a new prospect?


We previously spoke with you about Funnel, Funnel, Funnel! and the importance to build and transition between Lead Generation, Meetings anad Sign Ups. But where the magic really happens is when you flip the funnel!


You’ve spent so much time money and effort in obtaining these clients, what are you doing to add value every single day? Outside of your training with them what else are you doing? This is what we call nurturing.


You now have the opportunity to enhance the relationship with your clients which opens the door to fantastic upsells.  Don’t forget…it costs you 5 times more to gain a new client than it is to nurture and upsell to an existing one!

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