Funnel, Funnel, Funnel!

Funnel, Funnel, Funnel

Hi Guys

In today’s video we’re focusing on the all important sales funnel! What does your sales funnel look like? Do you even have a sales funnel?

Sometimes it gets over looked in terms of where you plan the money to come from and the amount of revenue you need to generate to support your business and lifestyle.

As always we like to keep it simple and there are three main areas to your sales funnel that you need to consider.  Throughout the video James shares some industry standards for each…how do you compare?!

Leads – in a previous vlog we covered a whole section on lead generation. Lead gen is anyone hearing anything about your business whether it be social media, face to face, business to business etc. It doesn’t have to be sales related at first but this if where your focus must be on getting exposure to a large pool of people.

Meetings – this is where the funnel gets narrower.  A meeting can be anything from a Wow Session, complementary training session or just dedicated time with someone in a coffee shop. This is your time to focus on how you build rapport with your potential client and can talk about how your services will improve their lives.

Sign ups – again the funnel gets smaller as these are your converted clients from the meetings.

If you haven’t got a sales funnel now is the time to start! We’d love to hear how you’re getting on so drop us a line below!

See you soon


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