Are You Ready to Find Out How to Turn Your Passion for Fitness into a Highly Profitable Business, Effortlessly Draw in Your Ideal Clients and Enjoy Your Income as it Accelerates to Six Figures (and Beyond)?

Elev8 is pleased to announce the launch of The Foundation, an exclusive one-day seminar that will start you on the path to life-changing success in business.


Answer this: are you at a point in your life where you know something needs to change?

What if we offered you the key to finally living your dream; spending every day being able to share your knowledge with the passion, purpose and freedom that only comes from running your own very successful business?

But where do you start?

We understand running your own business isn’t easy.

Especially if you’ve been so busy building your career as a health and fitness professional that you’ve only worked for other people, and let them reap the financial rewards of your strength, talent and dedication, or have simply been struggling to make your business successful and viable.

There’s definitely a lot to learn, even if you’ve already made a start…

  • “How do I increase my income to the levels I’ve only ever dreamed of?”
  • “How do I build a strong, recognised brand that will help me gain my ideal clients?”
  • “How do I manage my business finances, and develop a lucrative sales and marketing strategy?”
  • And more, so much more.

How do we know this?

Because we went through it all ourselves, asking the questions and being afraid to take that leap.

Until one day we ignored the fear, and made the decision that changed our lives completely.

We made our dreams happen, and we want to share our method with you.

Elev8 was born out of two people’s desire to change an industry.

Our ambition is to build a successful community of health and fitness professionals, to support them in their careers, their continuing professional development and their very own highly profitable businesses.

Fitness is a physically and emotionally rewarding career path, and we are proof that it’s financially rewarding too.

Our mutual love of sports and fitness brought us together, and quickly realised that our very unique but complementary individual experience would connect in a way that made us unstoppable when it came to changing people’s lives.



“My formative years were spent studying and playing hockey in Northern Ireland, working my way up to the Captain of Randalstown Ladies Hockey Club (a Premier League club), leading the team to glory when we won the national version of the FA Cup, the Ulster Winemark Shield. That was in addition to my ascent through Ulster’s Under-16, Under-18, Under-21 and Senior hockey teams; and my ranking as the number one goalkeeper in the country following my last match!

When I was headhunted by NCR Corporation in 2011 I moved to London to take up the role of New Business Development Manager, but my passion for sports and fitness never left me. That’s where James and I met. I was harbouring a desire to get back into the fitness industry, and James seemed the perfect person to bounce ideas off. His extensive insider knowledge of the fitness industry and skill and enthusiasm for training gives him such a unique perspective, so I hoped he would be able to guide me.”



“My background is also in sports, with an early career as a youth professional footballer starting a lifelong passion for health and fitness. With a wealth of professional courses under my belt, I thrived in the personal fitness industry, rising quickly through the Fitness First ranks from personal trainer, Senior Fitness Manager, Faster Global Course Director, and finally the most senior club position in the company, General Manager at Fitness First Charing Cross BEAT.

By this point in my career I was frustrated with the limitations and contradictions within the fitness world, and the more Emma and I talked about my experience in the fitness industry and her experience of corporate training and business techniques, the more we realised we could really make a difference.”



You know how valuable YOUR services are to your current and future clients, but you DON’T know how to leverage your talents to attract new clients and start earning the money you deserve, and you DON’T know what to focus on to grow your business.

The Foundation from Elev8 is here to help…

We created the Elev8 community to fill the huge gap that there currently is in the fitness industry, and share the ways that YOU too can do what it takes to be both a fitness and a business professional:

The Professional Secrets to Building a Successful Fitness Business

Do you want to:

  • Dream BIG? Your dreams should be about living a life full of abundance, happiness and freedom, not just trudging along waiting for the something to happen. With our encouragement you’ll begin to soar!
  • Define your goals? We know you want to start or grow your business, and if that’s all you’ve got so far, that’s fine! We can work together to crystallise in your own mind EXACTLY what you want out of life, and that means more than just your business. Do you want wealth, independence, stimulation, legacy, time or something else? Don’t be afraid to set ambitious goals, because with hard work they CAN be achieved.
  • Visualise your business model? There are a number of different business models in the fitness world, from 1-2-1 training to online training, and we’ll help to uncover which one suits you best as an individual, as well as which one YOU suit best!
  • Brand your business? Your brand is you, and you are your brand – but how do you define such an important aspect of your life and your business? Getting your brand right is crucial in attracting your ideal clients, and we’ll share our own personal experience of expert branding as well as helping you reach your own light bulb moment when it comes to your personal and business brand.
  • Generate leads? Your skills and services are bound to excite and delight your clients, but how will new clients find you? We’ll share the amazing marketing techniques from our own experiences in both the corporate and fitness worlds that will attract only the biggest and best leads!
  • Convert leads to sales? Once you’ve got those leads in your net, it’s time to turn them to sales. As soon as your clients first experience your talent, they’ll be hooked, but getting them to sign up in the first place takes skill. Don’t worry, because we’ll teach you everything you need to know to influence and persuade potential clients, and you’ll soon have them beating down your door!
  • Understand your clients? Learn the techniques that can help you to better understand the psychology and desires of your clients. You’ll learn the insightful techniques that the most successful business leaders use to attract, persuade and build loyalty in their clients.
  • And finally…turn all this into a new and exciting lifestyle, one that will see you enjoying the life you always dreamed of? Even running your own six-figure fitness business?


We won’t simply throw information at you, we’ll show you practical ways to implement the advice, from our own experience.

This is some of what you’ll do during your time on the Elev8 Fit for Business Foundation Day:

  • Set your own milestones for the day to make sure that you get exactly what you need to create your own hugely profitable business from the day.
  • Uncover exactly what YOU want in life, and start defining how you’re going to build your dream.
  • Find out about the psychology of business, and how to influence people.
  • Pinpoint the business models that will work for you, starting you on the journey to your own personal and profitable brand.
  • Learn practical skills such as the financial side of setting up your fitness business and sales and marketing basics.
  • Get the chance to hear directly from James himself how the James Crew Fitness business and brand was built in just 9 days, using all of the help and advice you’ll have learned throughout the day.

You’ll learn how to use our professional and proven strategies to get maximum results.

It’s going to be an intensive day, as well as being enjoyable (with plenty of scope for networking!), but instead of charging sky high prices, we’re offering it to you for an unbelievably low price!

Even if we charged you ten times that amount, this incredible seminar will pay for itself over and over again! The reason you’re getting such an amazing deal on this full day of training is quite simply that we want to make huge waves in the fitness industry as it is today, and to achieve that we need people like YOU to succeed!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Or Your Money Back!

That’s right, we’re so committed to only sharing the most valuable help and information to our Elev8 students that we offer a fantastic money back guarantee! If you haven’t settled on your business model and brand after 60 days, or you’re simply not pumped about your future business, just let us know and we’ll refund your money – no arguments, no questions. That’s how confident we are that you’ll turn what you learn into a highly profitable business.

“Elev8 business was integral to my growth and his support as I tried to create something different and exciting in the industry was unbelievable. He is a fantastic educator, business developer and is great with people for someone so young! I see Elev8 business being involved in the SBC expansion plans for the future – it will be a stronger collective with him onboard.”

Russell Bateman

Founder Skinny Bitch Collective

“So when I started as a new personal trainer in the industry in 2013, I felt lost, not in my ability to run a great session but to generate the client base that I needed to start my business. However luckily my PT manager and mentor was James. I sat down with James every day for two weeks (only for 10 minutes or so) to go over the basics in how to grow as a personal trainer and to be what everyone craves… a success! From off-the-wall client interaction (the tennis ball trick) to sometimes just a reassuring word, I went from no business and being a complete novice in the industry to earning £82,000 in my first year of trading. This is all thanks to James for being a top mentor and, now, an even better friend.”

George Wilson

International Personal Trainer

“I can’t thank James enough for his support and encouragement over the last two years. His enthusiasm and knowledge within the industry is infectious and has both enabled and driven me to create a successful and profitable business. James’ patience, coupled with experience and passion, has allowed me to continue to build my PT business and implement new practices, pricing structures and strategies to ensure continued growth and expansion.”

Darren Law

Trainer of Nancy Dell’Olio @xtrm30

“I believe there are very few people in your life who really shape who you are and what you aspire to become. James Crew was one of them. I have a huge amount of gratitude for this guy. The wonderful part is he probably doesn’t even know that. Not only did he build my confidence daily, but he is the most approachable, genuine and humble guy I have ever come across. Anyone will know such qualities are rare, especially in the fitness industry where a lot of ego and lack of education can be found. James always adds huge amounts of value to my life by boosting my education, practical training, creativity and client satisfaction. His wealth of experience is seriously impressive. He has amazing skill in helping you understand knowledge in a way that sticks in your mind and is specific to you.”

Leila Khazaei

International Trainer, Dubai

Are You Ready to Start Building Your Dream Business?

To Start Living YOUR Dream? To Make a Six-figure Living Doing Something You Love?


There are a limited number of places available, so make sure you’re one of the first to sign up and take your first steps on the path to living your dream. We look forward to seeing you there!


P.S. If you’re serious about making a difference to your life and changing your fortunes, both business and personal, then you really can’t afford to miss out on attending The Foundation seminar. Not only will you benefit from everything we’ve already outlined, but you’ll have the chance to find out more about the Elev8 University, and all the other valuable things we have to offer you!

P.P.S. We’re VERY excited about the exclusive bonuses you’ll get with a Platinum VIP ticket, but don’t forget that they’re very limited in numbers, so be quick! Book now for the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT.

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