elev8 Marketing Quadrant


Is marketing a mystery to you? Too many times the answer is “YES!” as there seem to be more marketing buzz words floating around than all the words in the English dictionary combined!!


Fear not! To help you gain a strong and balanced marketing strategy we have developed the elev8 Marketing Quadrant.


James is going to take you through the benefits of each section of the quadrant below combined with the reason and purpose of that marketing strategy. It is absolutely crucial that you understand the differences between each area of the elev8 Marketing Quadrant as some have the purpose of lead generation while the others focus on trust building. Make sure you carry them out in the right way and at the right time!


Investment Advertising – in other words paid advertising but we like to call it investment advertising, as you should expect to get return as it generates you leads into your business.


Partnerships – to help grow their (our partners) brand and yours. Ensure you are not just developing the partnership for personal gain.


Content Marketing – don’t worry we’ve created a completely separate blog on CM but just remember “content is king”. This is your opportunity to add true value!


Social Media – key platforms to illustrate your client’s results and really enhance your exposure to clients that may never have heard of you through ‘traditional’ marketing.


Check out the video below to hear more from James!

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