Develop Partnerships Using elev8 SEEK


We all know how important it is for us to grow and develop partnerships in our businesses, so at elev8 we created the elev8 SEEK approach – 3 simple steps for understanding why and how to develop partnerships. So here we go…



People looking to link with influencers, affiliates and partners overlook this on such a large scale. If you don’t enter meetings with potential partners with a focus on what you can give them and what value you can add to them (not you!) then you will struggle to develop lasting partnerships.

It shouldn’t just be about what you receive, think “how can I add value to them and their business”. Your ROI from this engagement shouldn’t be the primary focus.



Be specific about who you want to partner with and the reason you want to partner. Does it improve the service you deliver to your customers or is the focus on what the partnership does for you personally??



If you’re building a business (which I’m sure you are as you’re reading this blog!) you should also want to grow your influence. Liaise with the right people and in the right way!

Take it away James…

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