CONFUSED by Content Marketing??

Content Marketing

It is essential in today’s business world, especially in the Health, Wellbeing and Fitness industries, that business owners (just like you!) communicate their message, their passion and their products or services to their potential clients, in the best possible way via the best possible medium.

In this vlog James discusses one of the key elements of the Marketing Quadrant – Content Marketing!

Don’t be confused by all of the buzz words out their in the industry…Content Marketing is simply the process of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage YOUR target audience.

Here James talks through just 4 different types of CM that help you:


Build credibility and authority

Improve your SEO ranking and getting your passionate message out there

Communicate with your potential clients to build trust

Provide your potential clients with as much value as possible and grow your list!

Understand your target audience and allow them to understand you



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