Are You as Tired of Using Your Skills and Talents to Make OTHER People Money as We Were?

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‘Fit For Business: Turn Your Passion For Fitness Into A Highly Profitable Business’


  • Truly passionate about fitness, sport, health and wellbeing, but struggling to build a viable livelihood and live your dreams?
  • Trying to start a profitable fitness business but struggling to find the support you need OR already running a fitness business that’s not matching up with your dreams?

Then let us tell you now, WE are HERE TO HELP . You’re probably wondering who WE are, to be so confident in our abilities to help you…well let’s find out shall we? James and Emma were brought together through a mutual love of sports and fitness, and elev8 was born out of our desire to build a network and community of health and fitness professionals who were PROUD of their achievements and above all HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL.

You’ll benefit from our unique partnership of skills and knowledge, and the secrets that we’re ready to share in our book, FIT FOR BUSINESS.

James had a long career in the sports and fitness arena, starting as a professional football apprentice and going on to manage major corporate gyms in London and train other personal trainers to attain their own peak performance.

Emma blends an amateur sports background as a national hockey player with a fantastic career as a highly successful sales and business professional, winning awards for her prowess in the business world as well as the sports world!

We’ve combined our respective skills and experience, as well as our love of sports, fitness and the industry as a whole, to build elev8 – and if you’re ready to learn the secrets of success that will take your life to a whole new level, we’re ready to teach you!


You’ll be living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of in no time at all!

How? By learning the techniques that we’ve both mastered in building an amazing fitness business that will bring in £100,000 a year. You already have the passion – now all you need is our help to learn the skills and knowledge needed to maintain a recognised business that will take your life, career and dreams in a brand new direction.

Excited to find out more? Then here’s just a peek at what you’ll learn from our exclusive book:

  • How to find your vision – changing the way you think and making a choice to change your life for the better. You’ll follow our 4-Step Success Formula to reach your OWN light bulb moment, and we promise you, it’ll change your life for good!
  • How to understand the different business models available to you, and choose the right one for your individual skills, passions and situation.
  • All about company structures and regulations to help you in your role as CEO of your own business. Once you’ve started building a highly profitable business, you don’t want to miss something technical and stumble before you’ve really taken off!
  • How to shape and share your brand so that you become a figure of trust, respect, and someone that inspires people to want to spend their money at YOUR business.
  • How to market your fitness business, even if you don’t have any business, sales or marketing experience. You’ll be able to position your brand for maximum impact, and build up leads ready for conversion into sales.
  • How to sell without selling. Sound strange? You’ll learn exactly how to convince potential clients that they need you, rather than having to give them a typical ‘hard sell’.
  • How to understand your clients and what goes on inside their heads, in order to really connect and build a fantastic working relationship.
  • The next steps in turning your dreams into a reality…

Here’s What Others Have to Say About the Elev8 Team’s Ability to Make Magic Happen:

“James Crew was integral to my growth and his support as I tried to create something different and exciting in the industry was unbelievable. He is a fantastic educator, business developer and is great with people for someone so young! I see James Crew (and elev8) being involved in the SBC expansion plans for the future – it will be a stronger collective with him onboard.”

Russell Bateman

Founder of the Skinny Bitch Collective (SBC)

“So when I started as a new personal trainer in the industry in 2013, I felt lost, not in my ability to run a great session but to generate the client base that I needed to start my business. However luckily my PT manager and mentor was James. I sat down with James every day for two weeks (only for 10 minutes or so) to go over the basics in how to grow as a personal trainer and to be what everyone craves… a success! From off-the-wall client interaction (the tennis ball trick) to sometimes just a reassuring word, I went from no business and being a complete novice in the industry to earning £82,000 in my first year of trading. This is all thanks to James for being a top mentor and, now, an even better friend.”

George Wilson

International Personal Trainer

“A key component in Emma’s skillset is understanding the business and its’ requirements, and utilising that skill to deliver the appropriate resources and experiences to any particular project. A strong example of this was leveraging her experiences both with Primark and within NCR, and engaging with both parties to successfully deliver the key personnel within the US NCR team to Primark, which allowed us to plan appropriately and deliver successfully our first US store. Her ability to interact at all levels within any organisation is a tremendous asset and a key enabler.”

Enda Gallagher

Primark Head of IT (US)

“I can’t thank James enough for his support and encouragement over the last two years. His enthusiasm and knowledge within the industry is infectious and has both enabled and driven me to create a successful and profitable business. James’ patience, coupled with experience and passion, has allowed me to continue to build my PT business and implement new practices, pricing structures and strategies to ensure continued growth and expansion.”

Darren Law

Trainer of Nancy Dell’Olio @xtrm30

“I believe there are very few people in your life who really shape who you are and what you aspire to become. James Crew was one of them. I have a huge amount of gratitude for this guy. The wonderful part is he probably doesn’t even know that. Not only did he build my confidence daily, but he is the most approachable, genuine and humble guy I have ever come across. Anyone will know such qualities are rare, especially in the fitness industry where a lot of ego and lack of education can be found. James always adds huge amounts of value to my life by boosting my education, practical training, creativity and client satisfaction. His wealth of experience is seriously impressive. He has amazing skill in helping you understand knowledge in a way that sticks in your mind and is specific to you. Not only was he the best mentor I have ever had, he became a dear friend and someone I highly respect. Anyone who chooses to work alongside him will have no regrets: James will fully guide and support you with skills and tools to enhance your journey, and you will have his undivided attention throughout your process. I have grown so quickly and feel very confident and passionate about what I do, thanks to him. We all have that one teacher who stays with you forever. James is mine.

Leila Khazaei

International Trainer, Dubai

Emma has always shown great entrepreneurial attitude and capabilities in opening new businesses and new accounts. She has an excellent understanding how to prospects conduct their business, identifying key areas of pain that require changes to improve efficiency and revenue. In the years since she joined NCR she has been able to win valuable new key accounts with an innovative approach covering new solutions, services and consulting. Her tenacity and dedication represent an example for the entire NCR Team.

Giovanni Bandi

NCR Europe

So Seriously, Why Wait a Moment Longer?

Isn’t it Time That YOU Turned Your Passion into a Successful Fitness Business, and Finally Lived the Life You’ve Been Dreaming About?

If so, we should probably tell you what you need to do to get this book in your hands as soon as possible.

The Fit For Business book retails for £12.95, but we are committed to giving away the first 1,000 copies at OUR actual cost (nearly FREE!) to help get the message out there.

In other words, you get it for exactly how much it costs me to print it and post it. Not a cent more.

Here’s a breakdown of our hard costs:

+£1.98 ———- printing
+£2.90 ———- UK postage and packaging
+£0.41 ———- credit card processing fees
+£1.00 ———- Sport Relief UK donation
Total: £6.28

Why Not Free?

You may have seen some promos where the product is given away for ‘free’ as part of the launch (“just pay for postage and packaging”, right?). I wanted to be as upfront and transparent as possible here by charging the true cost it takes me to print it and post it to you.

Just £6.28. (International shipping outside the U.K. is more)

The interesting part is that (because of our printers) the final cost is actually less than what we’ve seen many “P&P” free offers go for

This deal lasts for the first 1,000 books ONLY. (By which we might realise that we’re actually out of our minds!).

So DON’T DELAY if you’re looking to turn your passion for health and fitness into a highly lucrative business!

There’s even more…when you order the (FREE!) book, you’ll also get access to an exclusive free online workshop that teaches you even more about the elev8 system! That’s STILL not it!


elev8 P.S. Don’t forget that we’re only offering this fantastic resource 100% free of charge for the first 1,000 books – so grab it while you can!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Or Your Money Back!

If you’re not happy with the information you learn from our book, you can request a full refund at any time within 30 days. Are we crazy? No, we’re just 100% convinced that you’ll be just as excited as all of our elev8 tribe! We look forward to welcoming you into the elev8 family!

P.P.S. Still not sure whether it’s for you? Let us reassure you – this book is equally as successful for fitness professionals with no business background and who have only dreamed about starting a business so far , as well as people who’ve already taken the steps towards living their dream lifestyle, but whose current fitness business just isn’t getting results.

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