3 Conditions for Success


Recently we’ve been speaking with our clients about our key conditions for success and how, when we started elev8, we would make this business successful – what we needed to do on a personal and business level to make sure we could provide an amazing service to our clients.


So we thought we would share with you our 3 conditions for success for you and your business to really thrive in today’s market!


  1. Right Mindset – you may have listened to podcasts, read books, gone on seminars that focus on your psychology to ensure you have the right mindset for success – we believe this is HUGELY important (we even spent 2 weeks on a mindset course from 8am to 10pm each day!). If you don’t understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and you’re not in the right mindset, whatever you put after it won’t come to fruition and you wont get fulfillment or generate the success you want.


  1. Right System – OK so you’ve now got the right mindset, what about the right system? Whether it be in the form of your clients/prospects understanding your service or product, how to market it or how to automate it in your business to continue generating revenue, you will struggle if don’t understand and implement the right systems.


  1. Right Mentor – we’ve now got the right mindset and the right system but now we approach the condition for success that is so often overlooked. The right mentor. Most business people focus on the right mindset and right system but don’t understand that they need the support to continue to develop their business. In any walk of life you have to have someone to coach and support you. There will be plateaus in life and business so ask yourself this…who have you beside you to take you to the next level?


Enjoy and make sure you transfer the 3 conditions for success into your own lives and businesses!


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